How does it work?

Everything is so simple that the illustration below, completely describes the process of working with the Webastion service. Do not forget that you are always welcomed to ask any questions to our technical support.



Our software is designed in such a way that you need to synchronize your site with Webastion through synchronization file. Just download it in your account and upload it to the root of your website.

Please note that this process can be automated, in your personal account you can specify FTP data to your server and Webastion automatically will download the synchronization file. If something is wrong, fill free to write to us.

Scanning (management)

After synchronization, you can start scanning your project. Wait for the end of this process and open the scan report. Directly in the scan reports you can edit infected files, disinfect them, or delete them, using the web interface.

Do not be afraid to delete the files, in case you accidentally delete the wrong file, you can restore it only by several clicks. In general, any changes to the file can be restored to its original position. When you first scan the site at any tariff, you are able to connect our specialist, who will clean the entire site and download the anti-virus Webastion Security instead of you.

Relax and enjoy

After your site treating process, it will be protected by Webastion. Our service will automatically scan your site every day and in case of suspicious activity it will send you an email with detailed information about this activity.

Even if you miss this email, our experts will check the report and if your site is in danger, they will eliminate it. You can also read the detailed instructions for connecting your site to the Webastion service.